Working at a computer
too long can lead to problems



  • Visual Display Terminals (VDT) within the normal cone of vision (0° to 30°)
  • Ears, shoulders and hips line up vertically
  • Elbows bent at 90° angle while using keyboard (range 70° to 110°) upper arm pointing towards floor
  • Elbows bent at 90° angle while using mouse
  • Hips as far back on chair as possible and bent 100° to 120°
  • No sharp edges pressing into employee
  • VDT at proper viewing distance
  • Adequate thigh and leg clearance
  • Knees bent at a 90° angle (range 70° to 110°)
  • Feet supported

Working at a computer for long periods of time can lead to many types of problems ranging from: discomfort in the neck and shoulder to a real pain in the buttocks. To minimize stress or strain try these tips:

  • Make sure your workstation is set up correctly to avoid awkward postures.
  • Take frequent “mini-breaks” to avoid prolonged and static postures.
  • Vary your tasks as much as possible to use different muscle groups throughout the day.

If you are still having problems give us a call: 262-8800. The earlier you get help, the quicker you’ll be on your way to a pain free day!




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