Work Conditioning

Returning to work after an injury can be scary.

Your employee might be thinking...

Work Conditioning can answer those two questions and help prepare the injured employee for a successful return to full duty.  

Using a program to increase strength and endurance while addressing factors like fear of reinjury, perceived injustice and disability beliefs, the therapists at WorkSafe help the employee increase their work tolerance.  

This results in less chronic work disability and higher levels of productivity.

The longer a person is off work the less likely they are to return to work at all.

Not only have you lost a good employee but they have lost earning potential and a way to support their family.

Using a personalized program with targeted goals our therapists can be the bridge between traditional physical therapy and full time work. 

If a return to the previous occupation is not possible there is objective documentation outlining the current level of work capacity, making job placement easier.

Worksafe Work Conditioning Wichita KS

I am very grateful I was sent to WorkSafe Physical Therapy. I am in much better shape physically and mentally than I was when I started here. I can tell I am much stronger.

How Work Conditioning Works.

Work conditioning sessions start at 2 hours per day, usually 4 to 5 days a week.  As the client’s work tolerance improves, sessions may last up to 4 hours daily. 

Work capacity is assessed weekly.  Tasks such as lifting, carrying, push/pull, and working in static postures are measured objectively to document progress towards the stated work goals.  The ultimate goal is to maximize the client’s work tolerance so they can return to full duty.


Call for an appointment.

We want to allow plenty of time to establish rapport with your employee.


Send the appropriate medical records.

Let us know what treatment the client has received to this point.


Send a job description.

In order to set specific goals for work conditioning, we need to know what tasks the employee will be asked to perform.

Return Employees to Work Safely!

Let us help you get your program started.