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What is WorkSafe Physical Therapy?

We’re not your typical therapy clinic.  WorkSafe Physical Therapy is the only locally owned and operated physical therapy clinic in Wichita that is solely dedicated to managing work injuries. Our goal is to get you back to work quickly and safely. Work is all we do.

Early Intervention Program

Injuries related to overexertion, like sprains and strains, are still the number one cause of workplace disability.  The cost of treating these injuries is over $13 billion a year.

By focusing on early reporting of work-related aches and pains, WorkSafe can help you prevent that discomfort from becoming an injury requiring further medical treatment.

Core Strengthening

Having a strong core is important to maintaining good posture, having good balance and preventing injuries.  Here are a few exercises to help you improve your core strength

Cumulative Trauma Injuries

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