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Return To Work.

WorkSafe physical therapy offers professional Fit-for-duty exams at our Wichita clinic. Fit-for-duty exams (commonly called “return-to-work” exams) give employers, employees, and their co-workers a sense of when they could return to work after a leave of absence for either medical or personal reasons.

What is a Fit For Duty Exam?

A fit-for-duty evaluation is a medical examination that tests whether you’re fit to serve your role in the workplace safely. During an exam, a doctor will test your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and determine whether you should take medical leave or if it’s safe for you to return to your job.

These exams often happen after a direct threat to your health, like a physical accident or bout of serious illness. However, fitness for duty exams don’t always occur after physical issues. Some people receive examinations after emotional or mental distress if their employers believe it’s hindering their work performance.

Who is Eligible For a Fit For Duty Exam?

The people receiving fit-for-duty exams from our Wichita clinic the the most are employees in physically demanding fields with pre-existing conditions. The physical strains of work often cause old injuries to flare up and weaken work performance, forcing people out of their job until they recover.

However, since we offer those in and around Wichita fit-for-duty examinations that test for mental and emotional strain as well as physical, anyone is eligible to receive one.


Essential Things Employers Need To Know About Fit For Duty Exams.

Fit-for-duty exams are essential to improve company efficiency and ensure the workplace safety of your employees. Knowing your employee’s ability to perform a task based on their medical records can keep everyone safe, but you must be careful when using return to work exams for employee selection procedures.

The Americans With Disabilities Act forbids managers from discriminating against employees because of disability. Therefore, you could be violating the law if you refused to accommodate someone qualified for a job based on a fit-for-duty exam. Be extremely cautious when using this test to avoid legal ramifications and protect your employees and your business. 

Can You Perform Essential Job Functions?

Fit-for-duty exams change depending on the incident that affected your job performance. Some are psychological tests after emotionally taxing events, while others check physical attributes like pulmonary function and strength to see if you’re physically qualified for your job.

Regardless of specifics, these exams check to see whether you’ll have difficulty performing essential functions when you return to work.

When Can You Return to Work?

After one of the skilled physicians at our clinic in Wichita performs an employee physical exam to ascertain your health and well-being, they’ll determine when they believe you’ll be ready to return to the workforce.

Some companies offer return-to-work programs after injuries that get employees back on the job quicker but in a condensed role until they regain their full strength. Those programs exist if you have a minor medical condition, but after severe accidents, the doctor might deem that you’ll never be ready to return to the duties of your old job.

Pre-work and post-employment evaluations are the two types of fit-for-duty examinations. The pre-work exams, taking place before you join the workforce, happen if an employer plans to hire you but wants to ensure that you’re physically fit for the job. On the other hand, post-employment exams happen during your tenure if your manager notices a dip in your performance after an accident or physical strain.

Post-employment evaluations are preventative measures to ensure the work you’re doing won’t cause a severe injury.

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