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What Kind of Company Drug Screening is Offered at Wichita's WorkSafe Physical Therapy?

To ensure a safe work environment, many employers have implemented a Drug-Free workplace policy. There are strict rules surrounding the use of drug screening prospective and current employees.  

It’s vital to have a local Wichita area company drug screening clinic capable of administering accurate and demanding tests, and our team at Worksafe Physical Therapy is Kansas’ best choice for the job.

For non-DOT pre-employment screening, WorkSafe offers a ten-panel rapid test, which detects the following substances:

  •   Amphetamines
  •   Barbiturates
  •   Benzodiazepines
  •   Cocaine
  •   Methamphetamine
  •   Methadone
  •   Opium
  •   Oxycodone
  •   PCP
  •   THC

For negative tests, results are available immediately.  Non-negative tests are sent to the laboratory for confirmation, with results sent directly to the referring employer. 

In addition to instant-read tests, WorkSafe Physical Therapy offers collection for DOT-regulated corporate drug testing programs in Wichita.  Results are reported directly to the employer.

In addition to providing urine drug screening, hair and saliva samples may be collected upon request.

What Sets Our Drug Test Services Apart?

Drug and alcohol testing programs ensure that everyone performs their work safely.. It’s vital to have a drug-testing program nearby you trust to deliver accurate results every time which is why Worksafe offers our company drug screening services to Wichita and the surrounding areas. All of our providers have received training and are DOT Specimen Collectors.  This means you can be sure of accurate specimen collection, for even the non-regulated drug screening. 

Thanks to our expert staff and quick turnarounds, the corporate drug and alcohol tests at Wichita’s Worksafe Physical Therapy are among Kansas’ most trusted tests.

Speedy Results

We collect our data through urine, hair and saliva samples, methods that deliver accurate test results and take minutes to collect and examine. We focus on quick analysis because we work hard not to waste a second of your time during your drug test, and we’ll show you that commitment during and after your appointment.

After your minutes-long drug and alcohol test, we’ll send the results immediately.  If you  need to return for follow-up testing, our service will be as professional and quick as it was the first time.

DOT Drug Screening Regulations

Drug screening requirements for DOT are very specific. Our medical examiners at Worksafe Physical Therapy are fully aware of the DOT’s drug and alcohol testing requirements; we will administer drug tests that meet those requirements.

This was the most enjoyable as possible therapy experience I have ever had, which enabled me to progress accordingly in a positive way and have a positive outcome. Thank you for being a great team, WorkSafe PT.

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Drug screening is essential for public safety, and it’s vital to treat the service carefully and pass it off to the most qualified experts in your area— Worksafe Physical Therapy.

Our qualified staff collect samples using DOT -certified  methods and deliver accurate results immediately at our local company drug screening clinic in Wichita. 

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